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Preschool Ballet

Ballet lessons are offered to kids who love dancing.

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Preschool Yoga

We help children cultivate relaxation through yoga exercises.

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Chinese Lessons

Learning a new language is made easy for your little ones.

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Piano Lesson

Kids can add a new skill through our piano lessons.

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Music Movement

dancing children

Incorporating music and movement into the children’s developmental stage is a great way to enhance their vocabulary and mastery of skills and concepts. Since children learn best by being physically involved, we offer music movement in our curriculum so our students can acquire rich learning experiences.

Our teachers will provide fun music movement activities composed of creative movement skills which allow kids to respond to the quality of art and music. They will also include activities where the students can express their feelings and thoughts through music and creative dance.

Enroll your children to a fun environment where they can develop their social and motor skills. Please reach us at 718-271-1850.