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Preschool Ballet

Ballet lessons are offered to kids who love dancing.

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Preschool Yoga

We help children cultivate relaxation through yoga exercises.

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Chinese Lessons

Learning a new language is made easy for your little ones.

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Piano Lesson

Kids can add a new skill through our piano lessons.

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About Us

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Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Magic Years Preschool & Nursery is to provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating childcare and learning environment for all children. Each child is carefully nurtured to ensure that their maximum potential of social, spiritual, intellectual, and physical development is reached while under the care of the Preschool and Nursery.

As professionals in early childhood education, we understand the importance of the foundational years. “Magic Years” can only happen with our effort. That is why we want to build a strong relationship with everyone involved in the child’s life. We are aware that a child’s love for learning will be influenced by his or her experiences in the early years. We are committed to providing quality early childhood education that will properly prepare our children for the school years and life ahead of them. In addition, we are dedicated to providing services that support and contribute to the success and well-being of families and children in our community.

Magic Years Preschool & Nursery is a trusted nursery and preschool provider located in Elmhurst, New York. We believe that nurturing children through quality education enables them to develop physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally. That’s why we have fully designed our curriculum to meet the diverse needs of children in different age groups.

Our staff members are carefully screened so we can successfully deliver top-notch services both for you and your children. Rest assured that with our reliable and professional teachers, your kids will be able to learn and explore various skills and information so they may discover and establish their full potential.

Let your child have a new learning experience with us. If you are interested in enrolling your child in our school, don’t hesitate to contact us at 718-271-1850.